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Clinton Announces Plan to Install 500 Million Solar Panels

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, talked about the national shift to alternative energy sources on Sunday. Her proposal is to implement clean renewable energy, such as solar and wind to power in every home in the US within a decade if she wins the Presidential office. Clinton also pledged to have more than half a billion…

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SolarCity Creates Plan to Power Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Recently, SolarCity Corp. create a plan to decorate the rooftops of both midsize and small businesses with solar panels. This will be done through providing an innovative financing strategy to the market that has not yet been seen. CEO Lydon Rive said that this move would allow companies that implement solar panels to save as…

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White House Outlines Plan to Enhance Solar Power Access

The White House has unveiled a plan to ensure that low to middle class Americans energy costs are reduced. Launched on July 7, the solar energy plan is geared towards helping reduce the energy costs for both the middle and low income Americans. The plan will also help fight climate changes. This initiative will assist in financing…

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